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Spotlight: Home Decor

30 Jan

Discover a color palette that will appeal to you!

Silhouette Art. How fun would this be down a staircase?

Even if you living in a rental, you can add some fabulous touches with these switch plates.

Don’t neglect the refrigerator!

If you’re moving and are going to start decorating all over again, these moving cards would be simply adorable to introduce people to your new address!

One last quiz for personal style. It was right for me but not for a friend. How does it pan out for you?

Moments From My Days

27 Jan

I’m in the bathroom, daring to use toilet paper in peace by leaving the children alone in the living room together. I hear a yelp and then both are screaming. I dash into the living room with my pants around my ankles and scoop up Miles while sitting down on the floor next to Ella.

“What happened, babe?” I ask.

“Miles BITE ME!”

“Where did he bite you?”

“On nipple!”

At this point, I can hardly contain my laughter but manage to ask how he even reached her nipple. She replies, dead serious and looking at me like I’m an idiot,

“I nursed him, Mama”.


We’re traveling in the car and Ella is chattering away about how something is tasty and something else is yucky. I really should have tuned in sooner, because suddenly she’s thrown her muddy snow boot in the front seat declaring,

“Snow on this boot YUCKY. Snow on my other boot yummy.”

I guess we should be more clear about when, where, and how a person can eat snow when the benefits are being presented to a toddler.


Ella is sitting on the toilet in the bathroom, SO proud of the fact she just pottied successfully in it. She peeks inside and shrieks,

“Mama! I make YELLOW potty!”

Without missing a beat, she askes,

“Will it be purple next time?”


Sitting in  my rocking chair, I’m nursing Miles and singing softly as we are all winding down for bedtime. From the floor at my feet, where she is snuggling with babies, Ella looks up at me and whispers,

“I luff you, Mama”.

It was the first time she ever spoke those words to me.

Help A Girl Out?

26 Jan

Hey everyone!

Would you be so kind as to help me accomplish #088 on my Project 101 in 1001? I’d love to have a picture of you. Or if you’re not comfortable with that (since this IS the internet), would you send me a picture of something that you identify with, aspire to be, or find beautiful?

My email is musical.girl at If you could put in the subject “Project 101 Pictures”, I’d appreciate it. If you want to have it resized already to be a 4×6, that’d be AWESOME but don’t worry about it. If resizing would keep you from sending something to me, FORGET ALL ABOUT RESIZING.

Please? Pretty Please? With sugar on top?

Pay It Forward

25 Jan

Today, I decided I needed to fortify myself with some good ol’ Starbucks and a blueberry muffin before dealing with my annoying urologist. As I pulled into the drive through, I saw another woman pull in behind me. She was probably in her 60s, with amazing white hair cut into a fabulous bob and rather fantastic looking clothes. She looked so calm, confident, and kind. I decided that I would fulfill another one of my Project 101 in 1001 items and pick up the tab for her coffee.

I asked the barista to pass along a message to the woman behind me and ask her to please pay it forward someday. Hopefully she will. After I got my receipt, I took a glance and did a double take. She had ordered exactly the same thing as I. A grande decaf brew with soy and 2 sugars and a blueberry muffin.

Obviously, it was meant to be.

Just some conversation

22 Jan

Things have been really hectic around here. Next week, Aaron is working Monday through Wednesday (5-3:30), has Thursday off, and then works 12 hour shifts Friday through Sunday.

I’ve been really enjoying my mental game of planning my sewing room, colors, organization, etc. This past week, I scored an awesome old medicine cabinet for FREE. All it needs is a fresh coat of paint and it will be perfect. I’ve also been obsessing about this amazing chair at Goodwill that has been there for a MONTH. Aaron has promised me that once we have a full paycheck under out belts from the new job and it’s still there, we can get it. I’m praying it is!

Another thing I’ve been plotting for my new craft room is how to store little things (like buttons) without it looking boring AND doesn’t require me buying anything new. So far, I think I’ve come up with some good ideas. I’m thinking of taking small peanut butter jars and replacing the wrapper with some cute scrapbooking paper. Also doing the same thing with International Coffee containers. Have you stumbled across any inspirational pictures or blog posts about frugal storage? Would you share them with me?

Tomorrow, I’m going with a friend to my local yarn shop to get supplies to make The Tempest. Beth is going to hold my hand while I decide what color I want and if I should do stripes or not. She’s so awesome! I’m really excited about this. It’s one of my Project 101 in 1001 goals and I really want to be successful at it!

Speaking of Project 101 in 1001, I have a few updates:

I successfully Skyped with Mom on Thursday. Ella had a blast and is constantly asking to “talk to Nana on puter!”

Susan came over today and gave me a hand held potato masher because she saw it on my goal list (096). Evidently someone aside from my family and Kathy read my blog!

I have officially failed at something (already!!). I gave Project: 365 (item 025 on the list) a go and it just didn’t take off. *sigh* I couldn’t figure out how to get pictures off my camera phone for a couple days and then few days went by without me realizing I didn’t take pictures. I guess it just isn’t meant to be, eh? By default, this means that item 026 (scrapbook of Project: 365 pictures) isn’t going to happen either.

But something I was fantastically successful at was going on an (almost!) childfree date with Aaron this month! We went to go see the new Sherlock Holmes movie and it was pretty good. What was even better than the movie was spending quality time with my hubby. Still on the hunt for a regular care provider, but I’m fairly certain I’ve almost got that worked out! Next month, we’re going to go to Olive Garden. mmmm YUM.

Wordless Wednesday

20 Jan


How to make a PB&J dinner exciting. Ella calls them “awesome sandwiches” and I eat the leftover bits.

Really Quick Here…

19 Jan

Aaron’s new work schedule is kind of on the brutal side. Ella is woken up when he starts moving around the house, which is at 3:30! I’m lucky if I can get her back to sleep most mornings. So I spend most mornings trying to keep her peaceful in bed until 6:30 while trying to keep Miles asleep. Because of this, I always nap when she naps. This was previously my time to write. Ugh. I’m trying to figure out a new balance and haven’t quite found it yet.

In brief:

  • Miles will be five months old this month!
  • I have this insanely strong desire to go to Haiti and nurse all those starving babies. Or at least pump for them. I have a supply that could feed a small nation and to know I have so much and can do NOTHING just about kills me. Even if I had the physical ability to go, I don’t think I would. I would be eating food and drinking water that would be better served going elsewhere and I would just get in the way since I don’t speak the language. The whole situation is so heartbreaking. Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti and those tied to them.
  • Ella is exploding verbally more every day. I nearly died with laughter the other day when I heard her little squeaky voice say, “Hoewey Tow!” (Holy Cow).
  • We are eating almost exclusively vegan these days, thanks to my grandma’s Christmas gifts of cookbooks. I am really enjoying this new adventure and want to talk about it more!
  • *sigh* I need to go now. Ella has been awake since 3:30 and is already having her first meltdown. And no early nap or morning nap for us — I have my first new Bible study gathering of the new year in an hour or so.
    Hope we survive.
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