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What’s Been Going On Here…

6 Apr

On Sunday night, as I was nursing a teething baby while puked my guts up, I was thinking very uncharitable thoughts about my husband. Inbetween heaving sessions, I would glower and whisper between gritted teeth, “I hope you get this. And when you do, I will kill you with kindness. So much so, you will realize what a jerk you’ve been and feel incredible remorse on top of feeling wretched.

Lo and behold, he is now in bed, huddled under blankets and nibbling weakly on a piece of toast. I believe my plan was a success as he just apologized for acting like such a rotten tomato and promised to do better next time.

While I have hope that he’ll be more helpful next time I’m sick, I don’t see the pitiful persona when sick being banished any time soon. That I can deal with, so long as more compassion is directed towards me when I’m ill.

Well, so much for THAT

19 Mar

I’ve got a horrible case of mastitis. I kind of want to curl up and die. Of course, this happened at the most inconvenient time since Aaron just started his “work week” today. My hope was to spend time this weekend writing, but I guess that will have to wait until I no longer have a fever and practically pass out every time I stand up.


TV Detox Benefits

27 Feb

We’ve been on TV detox for a week now and things have been going splendidly. I also removed any toys that were not open ended toys, with the exception of her “laptop” which she love and uses her imagination while playing. The benefits have been fabulous! Ella has been playing on her own, there has been less whining, and when the TV is on (while I put Miles down for his morning nap), she actually watches it and enjoys her 30 minute show.

Another benefit? TV is a huge novelty now and since I woke up this morning sicker than a dog, it’s been on for a couple hours now. We’ve watched Blues Clues and are now on to The Wiggles. She’s so focused to The Wiggles, following their instructions to dance and sing with them. At least she’s getting exercise? And it’s hilarious entertainment watching her try to dance the Polka.

To keep my mind off my rolling stomach, I’ve been window shopping at ModCloth and surfing Flickr, where I found this fabulous dino set.

What A Day

13 Jan

Yesterday was amazing and fantastic. Productive, encouraging (despite Ella being awake from 3:30am on until nap at noon), and I felt successful. Aaron was gone to his second full day and it went SO well.


Not so much.

While both kids slept until 6:30 today, they tag teamed me from 3:30 until 6:30. Miles would whimper and gag in his sleep and just as he was drifting back off, Ella would be awake. Minutes after she was back asleep, Miles was at it again. Lather, rinse, repeat. When we got up for the morning, I had a migraine from lack of sleep and that just colored our entire morning.

You know the saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, nobody happy”? I’ve found that is SO TRUE in our house. My temperament, emotions, and reactions really set the tone for our home. It’s a constant challenge for me today to keep a positive outlook. So while Miles is miserable and can only be happy while bounced upright in a carrier (unless asleep, which he is now THANK GOD) and Ella is melting down constantly because she “miss Daddy”, I’m trying to keep a positive attitude because I just know things will get exponentially¬† worse if I don’t.

Of course, that doesn’t keep me from looking forward to nap time. Which is in one hour and 40 minutes.

Not that anyone is counting.


16 Aug

Head pounding? Check.

Throat throbbing? Check.

Swollen eyes? Check.

Congested chest? Check.

Nasty nasal action? Check.

40 weeks 1 day? Check and double check.


I started getting sick last night around bedtime and I guess Aaron picked up on it because I got to sleep until 8:30 this morning. At that point, Ella had enough with the mystery of Mama behind the closed door and burst in screaming “UP MAMA. UP UP UP.” That wakeup call was smoothed over by the fact that eggs and pancakes were waiting for me.

Aaron has been simply fantastic in the parenting department today and has had Ella upstairs all morning. She LOVES going upstairs. Probably because I never take her up there. Anyway. They’re up there right now, cleaning out the craft room and turning it into “Daddy and Ella’s Room” where it will be filled with all sorts of amazing potential disasters that I don’t have the energy to supervise. Like Play-Doh, painting, and things like that. It was Aaron’s idea and I’m all for it.

I think I’m going to curl back up into the recliner now. Wake me up in time to give birth, okay?

On The Upswing

30 Mar

We’re all finally over the puke/poop bug that plagued us for two weeks! Of course, Aaron now has a raging ear infection that sprung up over night but all the contagious bits are GONE.

My hope is to get a real post here soon, but there is SO much to be done after being out of commission for so long. Instead, I’ll leave you with a picture of the sicky child.

Sleeping in the new recliner. This chair was our lifesaver! It arrived 2 days before the plague hit.


And no, it’s really not that floral print! I covered it with an old comforter and boy am I glad I did…

Poopfest ’09

18 Mar

I’ll spare you the details, but I’ve been sick since Sunday with the most wretched intestinal bug. It’s been getting progressively worse until I got some prescription medication from my midwife yesterday and now it’s suddenly not working!

I’m tired, headachy, run down, and just generally feeling gross. That’s where we are!

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