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Wordless Wednesday: Dyeing The Day Away

11 May

Yarn Dye

Setting in the crockpot


Hanging to dry

Finished product!

Don’t Throw Out That Dye!

23 Apr

Super excited!

Are you dyeing eggs this weekend? Do you hate dyeing eggs but desperately need a novelty for your kids on day 9872947 of rain? (If you don’t dye eggs, wait until Monday and pick some up at 50% off clearance. I’m planning on stocking up.)

Just use the old Easter egg dye, dump in 1/2 cup of white rice and let sit for however long you want. Strain and dry in the oven on the lowest temperature it will maintain for a few hours. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking.

As cool as it looks all on one pan, I’d suggest putting each color in individual pie pans to prevent the colors from bleeding into each other.

I plan on pulling out our jar of rainbow rice on the next rainy day and setting it out on the table in a big tub with cups and spoons for the kids to play with. Or, if I’m being realistic, I’ll put it in 2 separate tubs with exactly the same amount of rice, same color cups, and equal number of spoons.

Rainbow Rice


25 Jan


I’m really not back but I just HAD to share that my dreaded Coat O’ Doom is finished! It took me almost six months to complete but it is done, done, DONE!

More pictures and a bit of a rundown of my progress can be found here on my Ravelry page.

Wordless Wednesday: Mr. & Mrs Sprat and Purple

17 Nov

Operation Purple

Operation Purple was a huge success. The kids were ornery, so let’s hope the pictures were successful too! I big puffy heart my new “hair pretty”,
as Ella would put it.


Jack Sprat and His Wife

My kids complement each other so well. When it comes to soft boiled eggs,
Ella will only eat the yolks and Miles will only eat the whites.

What to do?

16 Nov

We’re getting family pictures taken tomorrow morning and I simply have not been able to find coordinating purple accents for the whole family. It’s ridiculous.

I ordered a headband for me off of Etsy, which didn’t arrive in time.

The shirt I wanted for Aaron was $40.00 (NO WAY).

No one carries gender neutral dark purple turtle necks or long sleeve tshirts. NO ONE.

Instead of disparaging my fate, I have a variety of 100% cotton garments from Goodwill soaking in dark purple dye in the sink as I type. I’m sure something will turn out, right?

Amazing Goodwill Find

2 Nov

I meandered through Goodwill today, not really looking for any furniture. Suddenly, this beauty stopped me.

My Goodwill Find

Everything is solid and no upholstery to hide bedbugs.

My Goodwill Find

Just a bit of sanding, spray paint, fabric and cushion. All of which I have.

My Goodwill Find

I even have the perfect place for it!

And you really can’t beat that price.

Another Refashioned Shirt

24 Aug

Refashioned shirt

I refashioned another piece of clothing today! Not as successful as the blue dress, I think, but I’ll wear this new creation more than the awkward fitting original. That equals good enough for me since the whole point is utilizing my wardrobe more.

Refashioned shirt

This is the original shirt. Not sure WHAT I was thinking (or thinking at all???) when I got it. I’m sure it looks cute on someone but that someone was not me. Not my style at all or flattering in the slightest.

Refashioned shirt

First, I cut out the neckline, sleeves and shortened the overall length. I then took the trimmed length and pinned in as a small collar, pleating as I went.

Refashioned shirt

I also simply turned the sleeves the opposite direction after removing the dark blue band and reset to create a flutter sleeve. The arm/bust was gaping, so I added bust darts as well.

Refashioned shirt

To finish it off, I added a narrow bias tape to cover the raw seam edge along the collar.

In the end, it isn’t really what I was envisioning. The neckline is a bit awkward, but I hope some careful pressing with an iron tomorrow will fix it.

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