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Altoid Boy

31 Mar

Altoid Boy

At this very moment, my entire HOUSE smells like Christmas. Or altoids. Or gingerbread. Take your pick. Whichever one you like best, know that I’m less than impressed with the situation.

Altoid Boy

Can you guess what happened not once, but twice in the past six weeks?

Shop Vac Worthy

My beloved son discovered the most coveted industrial size bottle of ground cinnamon. He ate a good portion of it and then proceeded to dump the rest out and have a grand ol’ time with sensory play.

The floor needed cleaning anyway...

He’s in the bath right now, pouring water from one cup to the next, washing away the powdery scents of the holidays. I’ve added cinnamon to my shopping list (again).

Altoid Boy

And really, I can’t be mad at him. I was the one who didn’t put the cinnamon back where it belonged. Besides, the floor needed mopping to begin with.

Been A While…

22 Mar

I’ve been wanting to write for a while but fell into that trap that nothing was good enough to share or write about. Enough of that nonsense! To give myself a boost back into posting, here’s a Day In The Life from Sunday. It’s short, sweet and to the point. Petite, actually. 🙂

Pretty during Lent

Early morning Sexton duties. I like how pretty the church looks during Lent.

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sickness

Of course, poor Ella doesn’t care. The girlie is sick and running a fever from a double ear infection. 😦


Back home, breakfast is started.

Traditional Sunday Breakfast

Hot cereal in Pyrex bowls. Traditional Sunday breakfast since 2010.


We then spend literally 3 hours like this. I get quite a bit accomplished on Ella’s sweater and the kids absorb exorbitant amounts of Blue’s Clues while both ran fevers.

Multi Tasking

Lunch time arrives and naptime follows.

Current Bane

While the kids sleep, I discover that I spent 3 hours knitting Ella’s sweater incorrectly. So I shed a small tear, rip it out, and switch to my other work in progress.

Knitting Help

Chatting it up with .

Chocolate Face

Miles wakes up before big sister and promptly eats half of my chocolate square.

Banana Cake (again)


Ella wakes up a while later and we make banana cake (again).

Button Collection

Sorting my button collection is a new way I seek my zen.

Frozen Food Night

Sundays are our work Fridays AND Aaron doesn’t get home until exactly bedtime, so it’s frozen food night. Mama needs a break.

Late Night Huddle

After bedtime taking almost 2 hours, I huddle around a cup of tea while indulging in 1999 teen angst (hello, Roswell!).


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