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Wordless Wednesday

11 Aug

Personal gravitation force

This is what I looked like exactly this time last year.

Tell It To Me Tuesday

9 Feb

I’m participating in Jade Keller’s challenge on her “Tell It To Me Tuesday” post where she asks what is is like to feel another life inside of you.

Early on, it was filled with awe and a bit of shock. Yes, the positive pregnancy test, nausea, and appetite changes are obvious signs of pregnancy but it never seemed quite real until that first flutter brushed against me. The very first time I ever experienced a baby move inside of me, I thought it was my cell phone vibrating! When I reached down to pull it out of my pocket, I realized I didn’t have any pockets. Stopping what I was doing out of shock, I covered the movement with my hand and whispered, “Hello, baby”.

At the end of pregnancy, the active kicks, constant head butting, and shifting around was met with a wry smile. Often times, I would push back on baby limb that was causing a bulge through my skin to encourage the baby to give me a break. Sometimes it would cause so much pain that I would wish for labor so that the end would be in sight. By evening time though, wishes for labor was replaced with the original sense of awe and wonder because the baby would respond physically to the verbal conversation I was holding with her.

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