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A Couple Of Gripes

9 Mar

As a teenager, I always reveled in the “extra hour of sleep” that daylight saving time produced every spring. As a mother of a small child? Not so much. Last night, despite our efforts to have her go to sleep at her DST bedtime, she fell asleep at the EXACT moment she normally did before the time change. I am not impressed. Not one bit. I’m fully expecting her to adjust just in time to switch back this fall.

Another thing, what is up with this digital television transformation? It had been touted as revolutionizing the visual experience of the consumer. I can assure you that it has revolutionized our viewing experience but not in a positive way! The picture and sound pauses, skips, and is often littered with pixelated boxes. Our antenna meets the digital requirements and we have the recommended DTV converter box. The only other two options we have is moving the television itself to a new place in the hopes of getting better signal or pay for cable television.

Moving the television is not an option. My living room is finally looking how I want it to and it would put everything into a conundrum. Not worth it. Paying for cable isn’t in the budget and it seems kind of silly to PAY to watch the evening news and our local PBS station. Although, I have really been enjoying the new PBS Create station. Few things annoy me more than anxiously waiting to hear the best way to choose an exotic fruit when the signal cuts out. It is tempting to pay $10.00 a month for all the awesome programing Create offers, but $10.00 a month would get me 3 boxes of strawberries or 8 cups of coffee on the way to work.

I think I’ll stick with my strawberries and coffee.

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