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Black Friday

27 Nov

Happy Black Friday, ya’ll! I hope all you crazies enjoyed waiting in line and forging crowds while I was still snug as a bug in a rug with my babies.

If I had a gajillion dollars at my disposal, these are some things that I would get!

So I need a new winter coat. This scarf and hat would go lovely, don’t you think?

This entire outfit is simply amazing.

Anything from this list is perfect, thanks.

I want to base my next kitchen around these colors.

This dress? Beautiful blend between sophistication and comfort. Perfection.

I did a little happy dance when I ran across these.

One of everything shipped overnight to my folks, please. Minus these ugly shoes. It’d be so much easier than packing.

OMG. I must have this chair. No, it is an actual NEED.

Oh aprons. How could I pick just one? It’s impossible. I love you all! Every single one.

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