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Spotlight: Thanksgiving

13 Nov

Need decor inspiration? Look here and be amazed.

Seasonally scented finger paints. Perfect way to spend family time after enjoying a scrumptious feast!

Adorable bite sized pumpkin pies.

Free Thanksgiving/Fall decoration kit. Just download and take on a flash drive to your local printing store of choice!

A wreath that has the potential of carrying you through Autumn, the holiday season and into the new year!

Spotlight: Parenting Links

6 Nov

Watch the video on how to get out of the house with three kids two and under without a stroller. This mama makes wrapping and wearing twins look so easy!

A Christian father’s take on breastfeeding in public.

Be more by doing less. This is SO hard for me to keep in the forefront of my mind.

I tried to pick between these two articles, but couldn’t. They both resonated with me and related to two separate conversations I held this week.

One is on rhythm, which seems to come and go in our house. We’re getting better at it, though!

The other is on the frail child. I’ve seen a few of the emotionally fragile children and it is so sad to see. These little hearts are not intended to hold the adult emotional weights. This has been a real reminder for me to continue to offer limited options and age appropriate knowledge.

Spotlight: Lush Summer

10 Jul

I could get on board with this sort of camping.

How to cut a watermelon.

These shoes evoke an evening summer picnic for me. They’d look pretty obnoxious on my size 11 feet, though. *sigh*

A summer salad compilation from my favorite recipe site.

Heaven in a cup. Freeze your milk of choice so you don’t water it down further with ice cubes!

Spotlight: Summer

26 Jun

Popsicle Mania

Super cute beach towel dress. Target has adorable towels on clearance right now!

DIY drink umbrellas. Fancy up your beverage of choice.

Not necessarily directly related to summer, but I love the look of this picture frame. It invokes images of bubbles and sprinklers for me!

Delicious summer meal ideas (from breakfast to after dinner desserts!) that are all gluten free.


22 May

Engagement pictures based on the Disney movie “Up”.

These cakes are simply amazing. Wouldn’t something like this be fabulous for a children’s library’s retirement party?

A person can never have too many bags, totes, or purses. Really and truly. Here’s something to feed the need. View it as a stash buster!

I think we go to Target a lot.

Celebrate National Asparagus Month by making me something from this list!

Playing with this all week has made me want sing “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” but switching the words to “ride a bike”.

Spotlight: The Eclectic

17 Apr

If you’re indecisive, this should help you out. Though I’m a rebel and drink it iced year round.

Free vegetable seeds for your garden!

My inner geek is showing here. I distinctly remember the first time I watched Star Wars…

Ella watches this birth video at least once a day. Nothing graphic. Only some breasts and breastfeeding.

I think I’m going to attempt these fabulous brownies for my birthday. Then I’ll probably hide behind the locked bathroom door and eat the whole pan myself.

This awesome cake might be presented to Aaron for his birthday.

A kettle that tweets when it’s done. Now there’ll be no need to watch a pot ’til it boils!

Oh Craigslist, how I love you!

Spotlight: Lights

10 Apr

The lamp next to my recliner broke this morning and I’m at a bit of a loss without it. I really hate overhead lighting, so I thought I’d share some lighting love.

This lamp might do in a pinch next to my recliner until I can find a tall lamp replacement. Not sure how it’d go with my living room decor, though.

How sweet would these be at a summer wedding?

I simply adore this lamp shade!

I absolutely love the idea of a chandelier in the bathroom.

Oh my goodness. I love these spring lanterns. They could be adaptable for any season or occasion, don’t you think?

Spotlight: Things That Make Me Smile

20 Mar

How could you not giggle at these googly eyes?

I love making up stories about photos of days gone by.

What robs your piggy bank!

There’s something more to life than books?

This lady’s style just thrills me. I love how she embraces her feminine curves and inspires me to do the same. I’m so sad 90% of her style isn’t breastfeeding friendly.

Why I love Legos.

Star Wars knitters unite! I ❤ the hair buns!

Spotlight: Knitter’s Edition

13 Mar

A knitted house?

What a darling hat! Or is it a headband? Either way, it’s perfect for pony tails, short hair, long hair and everything in between.

Oh my goodness. I just LOVE owl motifs and this hat makes my heart go pitter patter. It’s in an adult size, too!

And this sweater? How perfect would it be for the beloved geek in your life?

Spotlight: Things To Come

6 Mar

Images from MUS.

These candles must smell simply divine, hinting at the warmth to come and inspiring us to see past the tail end of winter.

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