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Wordless Wednesday: Dyeing The Day Away

11 May

Yarn Dye

Setting in the crockpot


Hanging to dry

Finished product!

Wordless Wednesday

27 Apr

Trail head

Water Watching



Tree hugger

Listening Point

Listening to the trees


Johnny Jump Ups

Creepy Crawlies

My Dude

Top of the "mountain"

Wordless Wednesday: Mr. & Mrs Sprat and Purple

17 Nov

Operation Purple

Operation Purple was a huge success. The kids were ornery, so let’s hope the pictures were successful too! I big puffy heart my new “hair pretty”,
as Ella would put it.


Jack Sprat and His Wife

My kids complement each other so well. When it comes to soft boiled eggs,
Ella will only eat the yolks and Miles will only eat the whites.

Wordless Wednesday: Adjustments

10 Nov


Miles love ’em!

Wordless Wednesday

3 Nov

husband cosleeping

What I came home to after spending a few hours last night with a friend.

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Costumes

27 Oct

Woodstock on the right, Charlie Brown on the left.

Wordless Wednesday: Dirty Children

1 Sep

Dirty dirty children

Dirty dirty children

Dirty dirty children

Wordless Wednesday

25 Aug


Walking memory lane. *sigh*

Wordless Wednesday

4 Aug


Wordless Wednesday

21 Jul

Splash time

Taken by his daddy.

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