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Spotlight: Crafts for Kids

27 Feb

What an awesome way to learn the periodic table!

This makes me think of the song “Froggie Went A Courtin

What sweet Calla Lillies! I might make some for a vase in the kitchen…

Having cabin fever issues? I sure am… Maybe adding some green to the house would help. How about something floral?

Or are you enjoying the winter bluster? Celebrate with Epson Salt!

And I just love the idea of making a larger picture with smaller shapes. We don’t have many unused pencils laying around, but I’m sure q-tips would work just as well.

Oh my goodness… I just love these colorful stars.

TV Detox Benefits

27 Feb

We’ve been on TV detox for a week now and things have been going splendidly. I also removed any toys that were not open ended toys, with the exception of her “laptop” which she love and uses her imagination while playing. The benefits have been fabulous! Ella has been playing on her own, there has been less whining, and when the TV is on (while I put Miles down for his morning nap), she actually watches it and enjoys her 30 minute show.

Another benefit? TV is a huge novelty now and since I woke up this morning sicker than a dog, it’s been on for a couple hours now. We’ve watched Blues Clues and are now on to The Wiggles. She’s so focused to The Wiggles, following their instructions to dance and sing with them. At least she’s getting exercise? And it’s hilarious entertainment watching her try to dance the Polka.

To keep my mind off my rolling stomach, I’ve been window shopping at ModCloth and surfing Flickr, where I found this fabulous dino set.

We Have A Date!

26 Feb

Ella’s sleep struggles have just been getting worse, so her pediatrician got her on a wait list to be seen at a pediatric sleep clinic in Chicago. I was told it could be six months until we even get to set a date to be seen. We’ve been praying that this would change and Ella would be seen well before Miles turns one!

Well, our prayers were answered and we have our sleep study scheduled for March 30th and the follow up appointment on April 21st. Not ideally close but it’s SO much better than waiting until August!

Now I’m having to muddle through phone trees and voice mail to get more specific details. It’s frustrating for me that there isn’t just ONE person who has answers. I have to call the specialist’s nurse to find out about medications, I left a message at the actual sleep clinic to discuss Ella’s actual bedtime vs their “lights out” time, and yet another message with someone about getting a child life specialist to work with us.

Phew. Looking back at that paragraph, knowing there is also more to do, I’m kind of glad I’ve got a few weeks to work everything out!

Wordless Wednesday: Bath Time Fun

24 Feb

Baby crack

Sweetie Pie

Teaching how to splash

So excited!!!


Bathtub time

A Reminder

22 Feb

Copy Cat

This image hit me between the eyes the other day. It was an unexpected reminder that she watches everything I do and does everything in her power to mimic me. Sometimes she even manages to do things better than I. See how her broom is straight and mine is leaning at an angle?

Lately, it’s such a heavy weight on my mind and heart. I feel like I’ve been rather short tempered and out of sorts. Not empathic or truly listening. Just trying to make it through the day, keeping a lid on everything and praying nothing explodes.

Seeing her little broom so carefully set up by mine helped me realize how I’ve been responding and how I don’t want her to act or respond. I’m praying I can find my way again and soon.

Spotlight: Everything Baby!

20 Feb

Ummm, yes. I’ve officially come down with the baby fever. Guess we’re not done having kids yet, eh? Well, we already knew this but having babies 22 months apart is only going to happen ONCE, so I’m holding myself at bay by looking for fabulous baby related items.

Matchbox announcement. How perfect would this be if you chose a gender neutral or unique name? Just add either a pink or blue diaper pin to clear up any misunderstanding!

Baby armpits make me swoon.

What if you took this idea for a clip art rail and used clothespins decorated like this, how sweet would that be? The possibilities are endless! If you kept the actual clip art rail a neutral color, you could update the clothespins as the child gets older!

Such darling baby shoes!

Make that old highchair like new.

Keep the baby cozy in the stroller.

Childhood dreams

19 Feb

Growing up, we would watch the Lawrence Welk Show on Sunday evenings on our local PBS station. I honestly had no clue that they were all old reruns. I would daydream about Mr. Welk dancing with me during the audience floor dance session. My skills and grace would knock his socks off and he would invite me to join the group. I would spend episodes studying what colors Lawrence Welk seemed to wear the most, since I thought that would indicate his favorite color. If I was wearing a dress in his preferred color, he would notice me.

Or so I thought until I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to audition for the show or at least watch it live. At which point she shattered my dreams by explaining it had been off the air for years. I remember crying later that night and writing furiously in my diary about how I planned to petition to have the show brought back on the air. We all know how well THAT worked!

How about you? Did you have any ambitions growing up that wasn’t actually possible? Wanting to be an astronaut doesn’t count because that could be possible!

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