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Wordless Wednesday

11 Aug

Personal gravitation force

This is what I looked like exactly this time last year.

3rd trimester

23 May
Week 28

Week 28

Hello 3rd trimester. You’re officially kicking my butt. Not only am I more exhausted than in the 1st trimester but my clothes are beginning to not fit!

Miles seems to be settling down and preferring one position over another lately. He also kicks so hard you can see my entire belly move! Ella never did that, so it’s quite the experience. Something else I’ve notices is that whenever Aaron touches my belly, Miles immediately kicks where he’s touching. Aaron is the only one who elicits that kind of response.

I feel like there has been a significant amount of growth over the past two weeks. Some mornings I find myself bumping into things I didn’t knock into the day before and have to readjust how I gauge distances all over again. I’m also going very distinctly OUT as opposed to Ella when I went carried extremely high and went out to the side.

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