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Family Time

30 Apr

Very few days go by that I do not thank God for Aaron’s job. The bout of unemployment after Miles was born was very hard, scary and a struggle. I have never been so proud of Aaron than when he landed this fabulous job. His schedule is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday where he works 12 hour shifts. It’s great because he can go to day classes during the week, spend four days with the family and when he takes his vacation, he’ll get almost a month off (2 weekends plus the weekdays before the vacation and following). Super awesome perks, right?

Things are great until friends want to do stuff with us as a family on the weekends. Or I take the kids to church every Sunday by myself. Or I have to wake up our sleep struggling toddler before the sun is up every weekend to take care of our Sexton duties. Or I realize that almost every major holiday this year is on the weekend.

Sometimes it’s lonely.

Like it is right now.

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