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Five Years Today

6 Jan

5 years

She pulls into the driveway and parks just behind his car. Grabbing the small gift bag on the passenger seat, she makes a dash through the back door and down the stairs to the basement. With a shiver, her coat goes up on the hook and she quickly curls up on the couch next to the young man who lives in the apartment.

“Here. This is for you.” She states, thrusting the bag into his lap.

He opens it, a bit confused as they had previous agreed to not exchange gifts on such a “Hallmark Holiday”. Inside is a small children’s book, which she quickly snatches from his hands and says excitedly, “I’ll read this to you!”

The short story unfolds with two characters guessing how much the other loves them. It’s an obviously simple child’s tale, but the sentiment is clear. When the story ends, she looks at him with a warm smile and says, “I love you.”

He stares into her eyes for a lingering moment, takes her hand into his and says with such warmth, “Dallas Ann, it would mean everything to me if I would be able to wake up every morning next to you, roll over and tell you how much I love you. Will you please marry me?”

A heartbeat passes, then two. The time didn’t pass because she was trying to make up her mind, but because tears of happiness blocked her words.

Soon enough, a choked “Of course!” makes its way out and to this day, neither one can top the other with how much they love each other.

Four Years

6 Jan


Four years ago today, that’s what we were doing.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years. The time has just FLOWN by. When we first got married, I had no clue that today we’d be dancing to a song from the Wiggles in the kitchen while holding both of our kids. Things have changed SO much from when we first were married!


I don’t believe in soulmates, but I do believe in compatibility. We are pretty darn compatible. My weaknesses are complimented by his strengths and vice versa. We’re both flexible people who are willing to grow and change together. Personally, I think that’s key to a positive, health relationship. You know, giving just as much or more than you take. Not staying stagnate and encouraging your partner to grow with you. Working together. Communicating the change you see in your own life and your relationship. I am incredibly blessed with a husband who DOES all of the above and LISTENS to me when I attempt to do the same.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings together.

Enough with the mushy gooshy! I need to hop in the shower to get ready for our fantastic date to go see Sherlock Holmes with only the baby! Then! Oh then… after both kids go to bed, we have an AMAZING little cake from a local bakery and a nice bottle of wine to share. Can’t wait!

If you’re interested… here’s the rest of the wedding pictures.

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