28 Nov

Aaron left today to head back to Illinois. He has a job interview on Tuesday and we’re praying that he’ll land the job. Would you all pray for him and think of him on Tuesday? This is with the company that he really wants to work for and it would be such an encouragement for him to be hired on with them.

Right now, Ella is sitting in Nana’s lap, Miles is staring at his toes on the floor next to me and Aunt Savannah (my almost 11 yr. old sister) is reading over my shoulder. It’s a rather cozy feeling to have three generation in one room, interacting and enjoy each others company. My grandma will be flying up from California on the sixth and be spending a few days with us here at Mom’s house. I am *really* looking forward to seeing her.

Before we left to come out and visit, our trip seemed like such a long length of time to be away from home. Now that we’re into it, it feels like time is flying by. Before I know it, the kids and I will be waiting to board our flight back to Chicago. I’m definitely going to miss everyone here, especially the cozy family feeling.


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